Our Recent Victories


Helped a victim of family violence obtain sole custody over her two daughters


Saved a hardworking father $50,000 in retroactive child support


Assisted low-income wife in securing three-quarters of the community estate



Marshall Sales is an enthusiastic, hard-working attorney who has experience in a wide variety of family-law issues. 


 He understands that his clients are going through difficult times, whether they are experiencing a divorce, child custody issue, or splitting the family business.  He understands clients must work through the stages of grief while trying to create a secure foundation for their new lives.  Because of his compassion, empathy, and ability to communicate with people, he is a natural-born family lawyer.


I came to Marshall feeling powerless and over my head. He helped me tackle my case, meet my needs, arrange fair mediation and reach fair terms. He effortlessly eased my anxiety and allowed me to restore faith in a justice system I felt wasn’t meant to accommodate me. Marshall and his team are fantastic legal experts dedicated to helping you.”
— Ryan James Sullivan


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